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Learn how VRI added a local tattoo studio to Google Maps and received over 3,000 virtual visits inside a few days ! Virtual tours have been trending in the last few years. 

Each and every industry (real estate, yachting, hospitality, restaurant, fashion stores etc) has seen more and more use of virtual tours, for good reason. Whilst every industry has its own unique set of benefits from using virtual tour visits, the advantages are tied to a similar pattern of benefits.

Lets use an example of a couple on a romantic getaway trip to Monte-Carlo. This couple google’s “Italian restaurants near me” and discovers quite a few options. The first has a few standard pictures which seem adequate, however the second allows the couple to immerse themselves into the restaurant and really get a feel for the place. The couple spend 4x more time walking around the virtual tour of option number 2 on their smartphones rather than scrolling through the standard pictures of option 1. The couple feel like they are inside the restaurant, and the ambience of the place appeals to what they were looking for, thus the couple’s decision is made and they physically displace themselves to option number two.

The point of this example, is the influence that a virtual tour has upon a potential customer’s decision making process. Not only does the virtual tour allow people to get to know the inside of your shop to incentivize them to come naturally, but a virtual tour also increases your businesses SEO (search engine optimization). This means that by having a virtual tour connected to Google, your business will come ahead of other competitors in the search results when someone googles your type of business.

VRI connected the virtual tour of Dixieme Art Tattoo Monaco to Google. In less than a week, over 3,000 people had visited the inside of the tattoo studio virtually. In this industry, the benefits of a virtual tour allows tattoo enthusiasts to walk inside the shop to put to rest their doubts of if the studio is of acceptable hygiene, and get comfortable with the space that they are thinking of getting tattooed. Additionally, having a virtual tour available on Google through your laptop or Iphone is highly engaging and influences the customers decision making process to go there.

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