E-Commerce: grow sales with a virtual shopping experience !

In today’s consumer world, almost all products and services can be found and purchased online. In recent years, you have probably heard the term “digital marketing”. This is a direct result of the new global trend in businesses: higher investment in E-commerce platforms and in digital marketing strategies.

When businesses effectively use E-commerce and digital marketing, online reach increases significantly, digital presence grows, and they ultimately benefit from a higher number of viewers who convert into paying customers. VRI has successfully created virtual commerce platforms and produced content that contributes to the marketing campaigns of our partners. These projects are quantifiably analyzed to provide a positive ROI (Return on Investment) to our partners. On the other hand, when countless businesses create social media pages and flood Instagram, Facebook, Twitter among others, with unattractive content, a new problem arises.

The issue now is how to stand out within these over saturated platforms where one is constantly being drowned with information and media from all sides. How can a brand effectively differentiate their E-commerce platforms from the competition? How can you efficiently capture the undivided attention of your audiences?

Explore Mobexpert’s shopping mall in Bucharest here:
Ground floor
1st floor
2nd floor

In this mobile information age, the attention span of consumers has decreased tremendously resulting in scrolling and scrolling through endless feeds. Viewers may see your new post, your new catalogue, your new marketing campaign, but how much time are they actually spending viewing your content? The answer is: you have less than a second to capture your audience’s attention. During that time, you must convince them buy your product or service online. Traditional media often times is not enough for that.

VRI has helped several businesses in retail increase their E-commerce sales by introducing a new online service which engages their audience six times more than traditional media. Most recently the “Boutique Officielle” of the Automobile Club of Monaco has appreciated an increase in online traffic and sales thanks to our virtual stores. Most importantly, our 3D virtual stores create an online selling platform with more efficient measurable ROI results. For example, consider Mobexpert, a Romanian furniture giant. Their 15,000 square meter furniture store in Bucharest was scanned and produced as a virtual store. We were able to allow customers to immerse themselves inside their space and have a virtual shopping experience. All products are geographically tagged with information, prices, and purchase links in order to monetize this engaging experience.

We provide insightful statistics such as:

1. The number of visitors which enter and walkthrough a 3D space
2. The areas with the most engagement (Heat Maps)
3. The number of visitors vs. the number of customers who completed a purchase

Thanks to these key statistics, Mobexpert are able to efficiently analyze how many sales were conducted through this online platform. Thus, Return on Investment is easy to measure and the benefits gained are presented clearly.

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