Improving storefronts of real estate agencies

VRI is helping real estate agencies in Monaco improve their visibility by creating impactful and engaging media for their storefronts.

Attractive and visually pleasing displays not only increase foot traffic but also give agencies a competitive edge. Studies have shown that people spend between 4 to 6 times more attention when exposed to 360°, Virtual Reality, or 3D media as opposed to traditional media. VR and other media strategies can be personalized and applied to the needs of each specific agency, guaranteeing character and uniqueness that make them stand out.


Most recently VRI has collaborated with one of Monaco’s largest real estate agencies: Dotta. VRI produced a VR tour of a 300m² luxury apartment in the “Portobello” that is now being displayed 24/7 at Dotta’s agency window located just a few meters from Monte Carlo’s iconic Casino. The tour adds, and stands out to traditional photos and videos of Dotta’s listings previously displayed in a loop. As a result of the media presentation upgrade and high quality of the tour, potential clients are noticeably stopping by more often and for longer periods of time.


VRI produced a virtual visit of a 300m² luxury apartment in the Portobello, just above the chicane of the F1 Monaco grand prix circuit. Now, Dotta are able to provide a full visit, 24/7 to the general public by having this VRI edited video of the Portobello luxury apartment. People have proven to spend between 4 to 6 times more attention dedicated to viewing media that is in 360°, VR, or 3D. It is this kind of improvement that an agency can benefit from upgrading what they show on their storefront and how they represent their properties.


  Immobilia 2000

Immobilia 2000 also maximized their first impression by implementing modern and engaging property listing on their agency display. With a VR tour created by VRI, Immobilia 2000 was able showcase to a greater potential one of their top listings: a seaside property at the “Mirabeau”. As well as distributing the virtual tour to all of their clients by e-mail, the tour is exhibited on their window where anyone walking by can scan a QR code and be transported to the apartment directly from their mobile. The VR tour is also a very practical and enjoyable experience for potential clients abroad or when the apartment is not available for a physical visit during a specific time.

On top of improving visibility for real estate agencies and increasing the chances of potential clients walking in, VR is a time-saving tool providing beautiful and complete apartment visits for people anywhere, at anytime.

– Lucas Brito

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