VR and AR in the Yachting industry

Virtual reality’s presence in global superyacht shows continues to increase as its valuable uses are further developed. VRI offers yacht manufacturers, designers and brokers the ability to showcase their yachts to clients through virtual tours and augmented reality tours. No matter where the boat or client are located, virtual tours enables anyone to hop onboard for a 360° visit !

Showcase Yachts in 360°

An increasing number of superyachts are being designed and showcased with the help of virtual reality renders and tours. Rendering pictures was already common in the yachting industry, however not in 360° degrees, until now. Allowing clients to immerse themselves on to the yacht and walk through the entire boat is a breakthrough compared to traditional marketing methods. Before, a yacht had to capture the eye of the client through several brochures, pieces of paper, pictures, 2D renderings and archaic promotional material. With new technologies like virtual reality, the yachting industry is improving the yacht design processes and the marketing manners in which they showcase their luxurious marvels.

Augmented Reality tours

VRI worked closely with a top yacht manufacturer in implementing augmented reality functions into a virtual reality tour. The project allows viewers to immerse themselves into the boat, walk around seamlessly in the interior and exterior, whilst being able to toggle through different colors and material options. This way, the buyer can see how different options would look like in the real world without having to use their imagination. This has been a breakthrough for yacht marketers as it eliminates stages in the design process. Furthermore, the use of this type of augmented reality completely customizes the buying process for the personal tastes of the client. Once the preferences of the customer have been met and chosen, yacht designers can now custom build to fit the custom tastes. Additionally, it is an incredible 360° experience to immerse ones self into and walk through a boat before it has even been built !

More attention time captured

VRI also offers the traditional virtual tour where viewers can transport themselves around the boat as if they were on a personal visit through through a 2D screen (laptop, Iphone, or Ipad) or through a virtual reality headset. Perhaps the most valuable benefit from using virtual reality for marketing purposes; whether it be in the real estate industry, the yachting industry, or any other industry for that matter is the added attention span time. Studies suggest that a person spends 4 to 6 more time looking at media with VR & 360° technology compared to traditional media (2d photos & videos). This added attention time factor is very important to capture the interest of potential clients in any industry. By using VR & AR efficiently, companies are guaranteed to stand out from the competition and benefit from time saving in the old fashioned processes. It has never been this easy to go onboard a yacht in virtual reality !

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