VR benefits in the Restaurant business

Each and every industry has particular benefits from using Virtual Reality to increase business sales.Although each industry’s benefits differ slightly, they are essentially tied to the same advantages of using improved technology. For the restaurant business, it is no different.

With businesses focusing more and more on improving their online presence to reach wider audiences, restaurants around the world have already hugely benefited from using virtual tours effectively.

    Google Street View + SEO

Firstly, in the hospitality, food and beverage industries customer reviews and online recommendation platforms such as trip advisor, google and yelp have proven to be the digital reputation of a particular business where its impacts can be huge. By having a virtual tour of your restaurant, restaurant owners benefit from boosting the SEO (search engine optimization) of your business across the dominant websites in the world: Google, Google Maps, Google Street View, Facebook, and Instagram.

   30% Increase in bookings 

Studies proved in the New York Restaurant week, that businesses which had a virtual tour had 30% more online reservations compared to businesses without a virtual tour. This is directly related to the increased attention time spent on media that deals has 360° media. This attracts more potential customers to virtually visit a business during their decision process. With visually pleasing experiences and informative virtual tours (menu’s, prices, esthetic feels) customers are more inclined to decide to physically visit a restaurant due to the virtual reality experience.

   Increased number of Walk ins

Since virtual tours are easily distributable across any platform or device. Meaning that virtual tours are compatible to be opened on your laptop, your smartphone or your Ipad via links or more commonly the official Google Maps app. People are able to come across your restaurant whilst they are walking about.

     Website & Social Media 

Virtual tours are a extraordinary manner to improve the online presence of your website and social media pages. Engage your customers with esthetically pleasing photos, videos, and virtual tours of your space with informative content. Virtual tours are a great way to increase your effective digital marketing and widen your online reach.

   “Perception is Reality”

Referring to the famous saying “Perception is Reality”. Looks are a highly important part of a potential customer’s decision process. If a couple wanted to find a romantic restaurant, or a family wanted to organize a birthday party. Looking inside the restaurant’s space would be an important factor to see if the theme and “vibes” of the place are appropriate. With VRI’s virtual tours, you will showcase the interior of your space beautifully, driving more online reservations, physical walk ins and added customer service experience increasing your business sales !

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