VR tour of the month: “Palazzino”

The historic villa “Palazzino” built in Monaco circa 1900. The villa was recently taken down for a real estate development project. Now the family home is immortalized in 3D, preserved digitally !

VRI’s marketing media services apply to a variety of industries, serving different applications using many distribution channels. It was already known that our 3D experiences were hyper personal as they place the viewer in control of where to look and where to go. This story however emphasized the importance of the personal experience one goes through when moving around a 3D virtual tour. The feeling of “virtually” being there has always generated the wow effect in our virtual tours. This particular 3D tour however is quite literally a trip down memory lane for certain visitors.

As this villa was recently demolished, the owners wanted to preserve the existence of their family home other than traditional photographs or videos. Through our 3D tour, they can walk into their old home at anytime they please and feel like they are actually back there thanks to our 360° media coverage. Imagine how many old apartments or homes you once lived in and sadly had to leave. Taking that one photograph as you leave the property and thinking “bye home” is devastating. Now you can benefit from memories in 3D of any space you wish to preserve, before it or you are gone !

You will now be able to take your future son or daughter on a virtual walkthrough tour and say “this is where your family grew up“. This immortalization effect in 3D has numerous applications in industries such as construction to follow the plans a site is supposed to follow. It is these kind of virtual stories that we here at VRI enjoy providing. Foggy memory? No problem, embark on your 3D visit and refreshen your memory on how your space really was !


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